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High Blood Pressure is a common concern. CoHo Medical Group in Bellevue, WA is ready to help with both diagnosis and long-term management of High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

How Does High Blood Pressure Occur?

Normally, the arteries move the blood through the body at a stable and controlled pace. When the blood starts to move at a higher level of pressure, high blood pressure occurs. There are two general kinds of high blood pressure, primary and secondary.

What is Primary High Blood Pressure?

Primary high blood pressure is the most frequent kind of high blood pressure. It often develops because of largely controllable factors such as high sodium intake, lack of physical activity, excess weight, high levels of alcohol consumption, and poor eating habits. While many things leading to primary high blood pressure can be controlled, some things are not controllable. The uncontrollable factors may include a family history of the disease, advanced age, and ethnic origin.

What is Secondary High Blood Pressure?

Secondary high blood pressure is much less common than primary high blood pressure. Secondary high blood pressure is typically connected with other illnesses, such as kidney disease. Some medications, such as appetite suppressants or antidepressants, may cause secondary high blood pressure as well.

What Are the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure?

For most people, high blood pressure doesn't cause symptoms, which is why it is sometimes called "the silent killer." By the time that high blood pressure causes symptoms, the patient is typically in a blood pressure crisis. Symptoms of a hypertensive crisis may include severe headaches, bouts of extreme anxiety, breathing problems, and nosebleeds. People experiencing hypertensive crisis must seek immediate medical care, as this qualifies as a life-threatening emergency. While a hypertensive crisis is a terrible ordeal, it doesn't have to happen if the patient has regular medical care. Regular medical visits with a primary care doctor can help recognize and treat high blood pressure. Treatment, which may include lifestyle changes and medications, can literally save a patient's life.


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