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Many patients today want something more than the basic medical care that they've been getting. Coho Medical Group in Bellevue, WA offers Direct Primary Care/Concierge Medicine that makes getting medical care easier.

Direct Primary Care/ Concierge Medicine Q & A

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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care at Coho Medical Group is different than direct primary care programs in other medical facilities. In a traditional primary care or concierge practice, patients generally use their insurance coverage. With direct primary care at Coho Medical Group, patients can use their insurance or not. It's entirely up to them.

What Does the Direct Primary Care Plan do For Patients?

The direct primary care plan at Coho Medical Group offers some major advantages to patients. Patients who take part in the membership program will pay a flat monthly membership fee, which includes around-the-clock access to the doctor via phone or text. Patients who take part in the program also get dramatically reduced prices on lab tests, radiological imaging, certain medications and many other medical services. People who choose insurance coverage can still call the office to get emergency contact information around the clock. The Coho Medical Group membership plan was designed to keep patient's cost as low as possible.

What if a Specialist is Needed?

Since Coho Medical Group's members have 24/7 access to medical care providers, the likelihood of patients needing emergency room care or hospitalization can be reduced. However, medical caregivers recognize that all hospitalizations can't be prevented. When a specialist is needed, the primary care doctor will consult with the specialist throughout the course of the specialized treatment. If a hospital stay is required, the primary care doctor will continue to communicate with the patient and the people caring for them in the hospital.

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